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Prestige Snuggle Pals Plush Llama

Prestige Snuggle Pals Plush Llama

  • $1650

Prestige Snuggle Pals Plush Llama

The Prestige snuggle buddy range offers plush and cuddly toys that give your dog a cosy friend to cuddle up to. The plush material will give your dog comfort and warmth, while the fun design will offer hours of fun during playtime. Featuring a squeaky ball, this toy is designed to engage your dog and their senses.

The soft texture of the buddy toy appeals to their need to grip, hold, and carry around their buddy, while the squeaking sounds appeal to your dog’s instinct to chase. Once playtime is over, the soft and plush textures of their snuggle toy lends itself to the perfect nap-buddy.

Key Features

  • Soft, plush material
  • Features a squeaky ball
  • Two-in-one toy
  • Two-colour toy

Suitable For: Dogs of all life stages.

Dimensions: 22.5cm x 13cm

IMPORTANT: No pet accessory or toy is indestructible. We recommend that you supervise your pet with new items, check them regularly for signs of damage or loose parts, and remove them if they become a hazard.