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Miracle Nipples, Dr Brown's, Pet-Ag, Pet Nurser, Feeding Tubes & Milk Extraction

The ultimate in bottle and syringe feeding and bitch milk extraction. 

Imported from the USA, these feeders will make feeding pups a breeze. ALL OF THE BOTTLES AND FEEDERS COME WITH PRE-MADE HOLES (with the Exception of Pet-Ag & Pet Nurser). 

Canine Milk Extraction Syringes can assist with bringing milk through or collecting that first valuable colostrum for pups. All come in various sized syringes from 5cc to 50cc.

Feeders and Milk Extraction 

  • Dr Brown's Bottles (15ml, 60ml Accufeed, 120ml)
  • Miracle Nipples (Mini, Original, Large & Sample Packs)
  • Pet-Ag
  • Canine Milk Extraction Syringes