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Miracle Nipples, Dr Brown's Bottles, Syringe Feeders & Milk Extraction

The ultimate in bottle and syringe feeding and bitch milk extraction. 

Imported from the USA, these feeders will make feeding pups a breeze compared to bottle feeding. ALL OF THE BOTTLES AND FEEDERS COME WITH PRE-MADE HOLES!  And the Canine Milk Extraction Pumps can assist with bringing milk through or collecting that first valuable colostrum for pups. All come in various sized syringes from 1 ml to 35 ml.

Feeders and Milk Extraction 

  • Dr Brown's Bottles (15ml, 60ml Accufeed, 120ml)
  • Miracle Nipples (Mini, Original, Large & Sample Packs)
  • Modified Nipple Syringe Feeders
  • Large Nipple Syringe Feeders
  • Canine Milk Extraction Pumps