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We are an Australian owned and operated shop selling a range of puppy, whelping, AI, bitch pants, belly bands and various other cat and dog supplies. Our aim is to provide high quality products at the lowest price we can. Fast, Friendly, Affordable Service!

Our products are chosen based on our breeding and Veterinary Industry experience. We stock a wide range of products which include our exclusively sold Puppy Paws Puppy Identification Collars with optional matching Leads. We also sell Paracord and Soft Velcro identification collars as well as a wide range of puppy pack collars/leads, whelping products such as Troy Calcium Syrup, Ilium Nutrigel, Wombaroo milk and bottles, bitch hygiene/sanitary pants and boy belly bands, beautifully made 18ct Gold plated Show Snake Chains, Gifts for dog owners, Australian made treats and much much more. 

ALL of our pet treats are AUSTRALIAN MADE and our Para cord Puppy ID collars are also hand made by ourselves in Australia.

If there are any products you are looking for that we don't stock, please contact us and we will see if we can source them for you. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or suggestions for products.

Have a pawsome day!

Oz Fur Kids

0408 811 766