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HEAVY CHEWER? Nylabone, Dogwood Sticks, Deer Antlers & Goats Horns

This range is fantastic for dogs that love to chew!  Boredom busters!

  • helps to maintain dental health
  • Satisfies a natural need to chew
  • Reduces boredom
  • Reduces destructive behaviour.

Nylabones - Made in the USA from nylon, these bones are safe to chew and come in flavours that all dogs will love. 

Dogwood Sticks - Made in USA from wood and non-toxic dog safe materials these sticks are safe to chew and provide hours of fun!

Goats horns are all natural low fat alternative that dogs love. Australian sourced. 

Deer antlers are a NZ sourced healthy chew rich in calcium and phosphorus. 

Please ensure you choose an appropriately sized chew toy for your dog and supervise your dog when using any toys.