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Nylabone Durachew Original - Petite, Regular, Wolf & Giant Sizes from

  • $950

The Nylabone Dura Chew Original helps to maintain your dogs dental health. Made from nylon, the bone is safe to chew and has an appealing flavour that all dogs will love. Tiny bristles on the Nylabone Dura Chew Original will help to clean the teeth while being chewed on, which will also prevents the build up of tartar. As well as cleaning teeth, the bone satisfies your dogs natural want to chew, reducing destructive behaviour as well as keeping them occupied when bored. The Dura Chew is available in 4 sizes:

• Petite - 9.5x3cm, recommended for dogs up to 7kg
• Regular - 11.5cmx3.5cm, recommended for dogs up to 11kg
• Wolf (medium) - 14cmx4.5cm, recommended for dogs up to 16kg
• Giant - 20cmx4.5cm, recommended for dogs up to 23kg