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Orka Kat Ball with Bell & Catnip Infused!

  • $550

The Orka Kat Ball will tempt your cat to play and keep them active all day long with the Petstages ORKA Kat Catnip-Infused Ball!
Catnip and bells are two of the strongest attractors for cats, and the ORKA Kat Ball has both! The powerful catnip scent lures your cat to the ball and the bell inside tempts your kitty to paw at the ball and engage in never-ending fun.
The ball features two large holes on the sides for paw access, giving your cat more ways to play with the toy. Made to last, the durable ball can be used indoors or outdoors for all kinds of fun. Add the ORKA Kat Ball to your cat’s toy box and make playtime more exciting!
• Fun toy that your cat will love to paw at and roll around
• Infused with a strong and irresistible catnip scent to tempt your kitty to play
• Comes with a bell to make jingling noises that enchant cats
• Openings on either side of the ball for pawing
• Sturdy ball for long-lasting use
• Great for everyday activity