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Luer Slip Feeding Tubes 5 to 10FG with 3mL Syringe

  • $650

Sterile Clear Feeding Tubes with graduated 1cm markings. Soft rounded tip and two lateral eyes to ensure even distribution of food. Luer Slip connector (Standard Syringe). Latex Free & DEHP Free 

Includes one feeding tube and a 3mL syringe.

Available in the following Sizes

5CH/FG 40cm Long

6CH/FG 40cm Long

6Ch/FG 48cm Long

8CH/FG 40cm Long

10CH/FG 40cm Long

 Recommended tube sizes are as follows:
• Size 5  - 100 to 250gm
• Size 6 - 200 to 350gm
• Size 8 - 300 to 500gm

• Size 10 - Greater than 400gm

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