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Feramo-D 450g

Feramo-D 450g

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  • Helps to maximise growth, energy and performance
  • Use to maximise breeding potential
  • Improves coat condition
  • Australia’s first nutritional supplement for dogs


  • Use in all stages of life
  • Dogs in work
  • Brood bitches and stud dogs
  • Growing pups
  • General health and vitality


FERAMO-D is a concentrated formulation of all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements required to maximise strength, growth, performance, breeding potential and health. It is an essential part of any feeding program. FERAMO-D will help your dog achieve its best potential.


  • FERAMO-D is best sprinkled on, or mixed with, the evening meal. If cooked wait till meal cools.
  • When introducing a dog to FERAMO-D, proceed gradually by placing half the recommended amount in the feed dish under the food. Gradually increase the dose to full strength over the following week.

One level metric teaspoon (not provided) contains approximately 4 g of Feramo-D


  • Puppies: 2 g daily. 
  • Bitches in whelp and lactating: 2 to 4 g daily. 
  • Greyhounds in training and racing: 2 to 4 g daily.

 Dogs other than greyhounds.

  • Puppies: 2 g/5 kg body weight. 
  • Bitches in whelp and lactating: 1 g/10 kg body weight. 
  • Adult dogs: 1 g/10 kg body weight.


Per kg:

  • Vitamin A 625,000 IU    
  • Vitamin B1 2.5g               
  • Vitamin B2 2.3g               
  • Vitamin B3 2g   
  • Vitamin B5 1.5g               
  • Vitamin B6 250mg          
  • Vitamin B12 3.2mg        
  • Vitamin D 60,000 IU      
  • Vitamin E 2.8g
  • Yeast 150g
  • Iron 2.8g
  • Manganese(as Manganese carbonate) 440mg
  • Zinc(as Zinc oxide) 5.5g
  • Copper(as Copper carbonate) 550mg
  • Cobalt(as Cobalt sulfate) 90mg

For further frequently asked questions click on this LINK and scroll to the bottom of the page. 

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Feramo-D 450g
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