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NEW! Puppy Paws SAFETY "BREAK AWAY" Puppy ID Collars from

  • $2500


Our New Puppy Paws Safety "Break Away" Collars do not have any metal or other rings and are designed to automatically open/unclasp when pulled or tugged on with a sufficient amount of pressure. This feature is designed to lessen the chances of injury or strangulation of pets if the collar gets caught on something like a fence, tree branch or the mouth of another puppy. Our Puppy Paws Safety Break Away Collars ideal for pups left unattended. 

***Please note these collars will not attach to leads***

Fully adjustable, they are super cute and available in Solid Colours or Hearts/Paws. Makes it easy to identify pups at a glance.

  • Available in Small/Medium or Large (sizings below)
  • Available in two designs (Solid Colours or Hearts/Paws)
  • Safety Break-Away Buckle with no metal or other rings
  • High Quality - sewn for added strength and safety
  • Light Weight
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Sold as sets of 12 different colours
Collars Small/Medium - 1 cm wide x 13 - 23 cm long
Collars Large - 1 cm wide x 20 - 36 cm long

    ****As with all collars, please ensure correct fit and check collars frequently to ensure they are not too tight or loose. ****

    Break-Away / Breakaway / Safety