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Puppy ID Collars "Stars" Set of 6

  • $1500

Set of 6 "stars" side clip puppy ID collars***. Soft nylon. 1cm wide  and adjustable from 20 to 34cm long. Durable, easy to clean and fast drying. Side clip makes it easy to get on and off wriggly pups. Set of 6 in each of the following colours - Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink and Purple. Bells can be easily removed.

***DISCLAIMER: The Consumer/End User in purchasing this product is solely responsible for how this item is used. All puppy products should be used under with extreme care, caution & under supervision. All Identification Collars including but not limited to Paracord, Clip, Break-Away & Velcro should be checked and adjusted numerous times daily. Oz Fur Kids® will not be liable for any damages or injuries, direct or indirect arising as a result of the use of this product.