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Canine Breast Pump Syringes Various Sizes from

  • $850

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Imported from the USA is our very popular Canine Breast Pump Syringe.

The canine breast pump is a great tool to have on hand and can really come in handy when you are using a foster mom with teats too large for the babies you are nursing. It is also effective to have on hand for situations where the mother's teats need to be relieved helping to prevent mastitis or with orphaned pups.

Available in multiple sizes 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml.



  • Non-Toxic Syringe
  • These are reusable and operate smooth time after time
  • These are made from a high-quality non-toxic syringe
  • Long lasting with no latex so they are safe to extract the mother's milk

Please Read: 

  • We have found that most medium to large size dogs may require two sizes as they can have teats of varying sizes

Directions for Use:

  • You must obtain an airtight seal against the female's belly
  • You may possibly need to trim the hair from the area around the nipple.
  • Hold the syringe tight against her belly and pull the plunger to suck milk from her teat.
  • Works best with the female standing or laying in a position that allows gravity to keep the expressed milk in the breast pump


  • The mother's milk or colostrum can be frozen in ice cube trays for later use or may immediately be used with our Lifeline Pet Nursers