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Canine Breast Pump Syringes - Various Sizes from

  • $780

Canine Breast Pump Syringes 

Our manual breast pump syringes are a great tool for milk extraction***. They are reusable and operate smoothly time after time. Latex free & non-toxic and available in various sizes.


Not designed for long term use.
***Not designed to obtain large amounts of milk***.
Great for obtaining colostrum for pups,  fostering or supplemental feeding.
Relieves pressure reducing the risk of mastitis.
Use in emergency situations or to help bring mothers milk down.


  • 5cc (hole for nipple is approximately the size of the old 1 cent piece)
  • 10cc (hole for nipple is approximately the size of a 5 cent piece)
  • 20cc (hole for nipple is approximately the size of a 10 cent piece)
  • 30cc (hole for nipple is approximately the size of a between a 10 and 20 cent piece)
  • 50cc (hole for nipple is approximately the size of a 20 cent piece)


Please note: We have found that some dogs may require two sizes as they can have teats of varying sizes

Directions for use:

  1. you must obtain an airtight seal around the bitches nipple
  1. you may need to trim the hair from the area around the nipple to get a seal
  1. Pull the plunger to extract milk (try to mimic the suckling of a puppy)
  1. you must obtain a proper seal with no air leaks for this to work properly
  1. using a warm compress on the teat will help the milk to come down
  1. works best when female is in a standing or laying down position as it allows the milk to pool in the syringe and be collected
  1. Remove the breast pump from the bitch in a manner that keeps milk within the syringe. 
  2. Extracted milk may immediately be used with our syringe nursers, feeding tubes, feeding sponge or our range of bottles.

Additional information:

The Mothers milk or colostrum can be frozen in ice cube trays. Remove from trays and place in an airtight container or bag for later use.