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Warm A Pet Heat Pad - 7 Heat Settings - Small

Warm A Pet Heat Pad - 7 Heat Settings - Small

  • $6650

Warm.A.Pet Heat Pad - Australian Made Carbon Fibre Technology Flexible Heat Pad with 7 Heat Settings & Sherpa Cover - SIZE SMALL

This 300mm x 235mm Small size flexible heat pad has 7 heat settings and has been developed for use in artificial joey pouches used in the care of injured and orphaned pouch young and fabulous for domestic pets as well.

SEVEN heat settings! The heat selection switch which is located on the power supply allows you to choose the ideal warmth for the animal in care

Extremely low running costs - just cents per day, even if left on 24/7.

Extra low voltage, supply-authority approved power pack means safe comfort for all animals.

Sherpa slip-cover included keeps the heat pad clean and removes easily for laundering

Thoroughly tested by an experienced wildlife carer and loved by pets all around Australia.

Two years Manufacturers' Warranty – claims are made directly to the manufacturer.
(Does not cover damage by chewing, moisture, accidental or wilful damage etc.).

Size Small 300mm x 235mm

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