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Terumo Surflo IV Catheter Winged Infusion Sets

Terumo Surflo IV Catheter Winged Infusion Sets

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Terumo SURFLO winged infusion sets feature a precisely honed needle with an ultra-thin wall design, ensuring easy penetration and continued access with a single insertion. The soft, flexible interlocking wings readily conform to the body of the patient , while the angle of the wings helps position the needle and reduce the risk of vessel damage during venipuncture. 

Available in 9cm or 30cm long tube and sizes.

25G x 3/4 (0.50 x 19mm)

23G x 3/4 (0.65 x 19mm)

21G x 3/4 (0.80 x 19mm)

19G x 3/4 (1.1 x 19mm)

The smaller the Gauge the thicker the needle (19G being thickest needle and 25G being the finest).

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