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Rogz Fancycat Safeloc Cat Collars

  • $1450

Rogz Fancy Cat Safeloc Collar Lovebirds (Purple) or Bubble Fish (Blue)

The Rogz Fancycat Safeloc Collars are Lovebirds is a fashionable, high-quality cat collar designed with your cat’s safety in mind. This premium collar features a unique Safeloc buckle which allows the collar to break open when the collar has been put under strain such as snagging, giving you peace of mind that your cat can safely break free and avoid tightness or choking in the event of an accident or emergency.

• Adjustable neck size of 21-31 cm to fit most cats.
• Safeloc buckle designed to break open if your cat’s collar gets snagged.
• Adjustable load buckle to allow you to set the strain under which the collar breaks away.
• Made from high-quality webbing.
• Brightly coloured and fashionable design.
• Safety bell.