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KONG ChewStix Tough Femur

  • $2250

KONG ChewStix Tough Femur Toy For Dogs Is Super Durable And Great For Chewing

Do you have a tough mutt that likes to play rough? This life-like wooden toy is bound to provide long-lasting fun and release some of your pal’s pent-up energy!  

  • The unique solid wooden construction is fantastic for dogs that love to chomp on their toys
  • The authentic femur-shaped toy will provide a natural feel, so your dog feels like they have an actual bone!
  • This toy is a much safer alternative to a real bone or stick as it will naturally flake as your dog chews rather than splinter in their mouth
  • The toy features a delectable woody scent to draw your canine into play and keep them enticed
  • The femur toy is rock-solid and super durable for long-lasting play  
  • The edges are round to be safe in your dog’s mouth as they chew
  • The bumpy surface and grooves will appeal to your pooch and help to clean their teeth and gums through a natural abrasive action and production of saliva
  • Feels solid in your dog’s mouth, weighing 270 grams
  • Satisfies your dog’s instinctual desires to gnaw, pounce and capture
  • The toy distracts your pal from naughty behaviour around the home and redirects them to a fun, physical activity to keep them busy for hours on end
  • Provides both mental and physical stimulation to keep your dog happy and healthy
  • Recommended for adult large dogs 27-54kg
  • Not for dogs under 10 months old


  • Approx. 17.5cm length x 7cm width x 4cm thick

Toy Selection

  • Only choose toys for your dog that are larger than the dog’s mouth
  • Choose a size that allows them to get their mouth around the toy
  • Get to know your dog’s holding/gripping strength and play style before selecting toys 


  • Supervise your dog’s use of this toy – do not leave the toy available for the dog to destroy or eat  
  • Frequently inspect the toy and remove the toy from the dog if it damages the toy or tries to swallow pieces of the toy
  • Replace the toy if it is worn or damaged 
  • Unfortunately, no dog toy is indestructible – if your dog can quickly and easily damage a toy, then the toy is not suited to your dog’s play style, and a different toy should be provided  
  • If you have a multiple dog home, take extra care to keep large dogs away from smaller dog toys