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Now AVAILABLE Sets of 13! Puppy Paws XL ID COLLARS & Optional Leads for Larger Pups from

  • $3600

Extra Large Puppy Paws Follow On Collars with Optional Matching Leads. Sewn for added strength and safety!

Now AVAILABLE Sets of 13 (Two Pinks!) Sold in sets of 12 or 13. Same great colours as our SMALL/MEDIUM & LARGE PUPPY PAWS Collars and our PARA-CORD Collars.

XL Collars 1.5cm wide & adjustable from 32 cm to 50 cm.

XL Leads 1.5cm wide and 120cm Long (dog clip 7cm long and 1.8cm wide approx)

Colours: Purple, Red, Light Pink, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Grey, Brown, Black. (Sets of 13 has an additional Rose Pink - see pictures)

Fully Adjustable with an Easy Quick Release Buckle
– Metal D-Ring for Lead Attachment
– Soft, Lightweight & Durable
– Sewn for added Safety and Strength

All styles are fully adjustable and easily washed with cold soapy water by hand or placed in a wash bag on a cold water gentle wash in the washing machine. 

****As with all collars, there are risks associated with placing collars around pups/dogs necks. To reduce the risk of choking or entanglement please ensure correct fit and check collars frequently to ensure they are not too tight or loose. ****