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"Break Away" Puppy ID Collars Various Styles - Sets of 6

  • $1500

Sold as a set of 6 different colours in your selected Style.

Break-Away Collars are designed to to open/unclasp when pulled or tugged on with a sufficient amount of pressure. This feature is designed to lessen the chances of injury or strangulation of pets if the collar gets caught on something like a fence, tree branch or in the mouth of another puppy. This makes them ideal for pups left unattended and also great for cats. 

Super cute and available in various designs (use the drop down box to select your design)! Soft nylon. 1cm wide x 32cm long. Durable, easy to clean and fast drying. 

Available in the following designs 

Stars; Flowers; Dogs; Polka Dot; Paws-Dogs-Bones; Camoflage; Puppies & Kittens and Paws

Break Away Breakaway

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