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Sterille Feeding Tubes. Sizes Fg/Ch 3.5 to 10 (with Syringe)

  • $680

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Sterile and Phthalate (toxic plastics) Free.

Paediatric Enteral Feeding Tubes

Various FG/CH Sizes (please use the drop down box to select size).

CH/FG 5 to 10 - 40cm Long with xray line and centimeter markings from 5cm to 30cm.

CH/FG 3.5 Red Tube 41cm long.

Fit standard Luer Slip Syringes (one included with each feeding tube)


 Recommended tube sizes are as follows:
• Size 3.5: Kittens & Small Puppies (Red Feeding Tube)
• Size 5 & 6: Kittens & Small Puppies
• Size 8: Puppies & Large Kittens
• Size 10: Large Puppies

 Sold individually with Luer Slip Syringe Included.