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Puppy/Kitten Extended Nipple Nurser for Cleft Palates, Elongated Snouts or Beaks. Various Sizes from

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Imported from the USA, the Extended Puppy/Kitten/Small Animal Feeding Syringe Nursers with s Pre-made Hole. 

Product Information:

  • You should choose your syringe size closest to the babies weight as you should feed according to weight
  • These nipples come with a two-part nipple consisting of an outer bulbous nipple and a full-length silicone underlay nipple that provides a perfect premade hole
  • This nipple comes with a premade hole
  • Oring syringes provide smooth precise flow and multiple uses
  • The oring in the syringe does not "gum-up" like other syringes making it the perfect hand-feeding syringe
  • Can be used for cleft palate babies or for small animals requiring a longer nipple

Available Sizes:

  • 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 20ml, 35ml

Additional Information:

  • Oring Syringes
  • The Oring does not "gum-up" like other syringes
  • Smooth Flow, Tight, High Transparency Barrel
  • No Rubber, Styrene or DEHP
  • Latex and Silicone Oil-Free
  • Pyrogen-free, PVC-free, non toxic

ATTENTION: To prevent the numbers (graduations) from wearing off the syringes quickly we recommend you apply ultra-clear scotch tape over the numbers prior to using. This will prevent the numbers from wearing off as quickly and allow you to use them over multiple times. We cannot replace nursers for the graduation numbers wearing off.

The Syringe Pet Nurser has a special “vacu-lock” ring at the top of the syringe that will seal the nipple and syringe together forming a strong vacuum.
We do recommend that you rinse but DO NOT DISASSEMBLE your nursers (see cleaning recommendations listed below.
Please rinse your nurser each time after use with warm water to sterilize it.

Clean Nursers as follows
1. Remove piston from syringe
2. Clean as 1 part syringe and nipple and 1 part piston
3. Use warm soapy
4. Allow nurser to completely dry before using again 
**We do not recommend using extremely hot water over the clear adapters as they may stretch and become loose.