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Petstages Orka Bone Interactive Treat toy

  • $1500

The new style Orka Bone has been enhanced with strength and texture and has a hole in the middle for hiding treats inside.
The bone shape is fun to chew while it also massages your dog's gums, and the rope streamers help to clean teeth.
It is the perfect remedy for dogs that can't help but sink their teeth into everything!
• It bounces and floats.
• Treat dispensing hole in the centre of the bone.
• Multiple textures massage gums and keep dog’s interest.
• For powerful chewers and dogs with a strong desire to chew.
• For puppies that are teething and chewing inappropriate items
• Helps minimise destructive behaviour

Size: Bone is 18.5cm long and 8.5cm wide

If a toy becomes damaged please dispose of it immediately.