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Paw - Gentle Puppy Conditioning Spray 200ml

Paw - Gentle Puppy Conditioning Spray 200ml

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PAW Puppy Conditioning Spray is a leave in conditioning spray that is fast and easy to use and soap and sulfate free. Paw by Blackmores.


  • Chamomile - A natural flower derivative that has many nervious-system and celular style calming effects.
  • Natural essential oils - Gives your pup that oh-so-adorable smell by using only concentrated scents from base plants.
  • Non Drying - NO alcohol, so it won't over dry skin or hair via harsh chemical cleaner components that are only meant for the floor.
  • Strengthens and detangles the coat

Easy to use spray bottle -  Allows for even, all over application with added product control. This reduces excess product waste in a no-mess, no-fuss, convenient spritzer.