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Large Nipple Syringe Puppy Nursers From

  • $1250

SADLY our USA supplier has decided not to continue with this line as they are unable to get certain parts. 

Imported from the USA, the Large Puppy Feeding Syringe Nursers come with a Pre-made Hole and combine the accuracy of tube feeding with the simplicity of bottle feeding. They are best suited for babies who can latch onto a regular baby bottle nipple. The O-ring syringes allow for a precise, accurate, and smooth flow.

Available in the following sizes 10ml, 20ml, and 35ml. The 10ml feeder is available in "preemie" "slow" or "regular" flow nipple and the 20ml is available in Preemie. The "preemie" has a slightly smaller nipple than the slow or regular and is designed for neonates or the premature puppy by assisting weakened pups or those having issues. 

All of the large nipple nursers come with a pre-made hole. 

ATTENTION: To prevent the numbers (graduations) from wearing off the syringes we recommend you apply ultra-clear scotch tape over the numbers prior to using. This will prevent the numbers from wearing off as quickly and allow you to use them over multiple times. We cannot replace nursers for the graduation numbers wearing off.

For the Large Nipple Nursers you must make sure the clear adapter and inside of the nipple are completely dry before re-attaching the nipple. You must also make sure the inside lip of the nipple locks down over the bottom of the clear adapter. If you do not do these 2 steps the nipple can fall off the syringe. It does not mean the nurser is defective it means you have not gotten the nipple and adapter completely dry or you have not properly locked down the nipple over the adapter. Please do not apply excess pressure to the piston as this can cause the nipple to unseat and come off

Please rinse your nurser each time after use with warm water and use a product such as Milton to sterilize it.

Clean Nursers as follows
1. Remove piston from syringe
2. Clean as 1 part syringe and nipple and 1 part piston
3. Use warm soapy
4. Allow nurser to completely dry before using again
5. If you remove the nipple from the Large Nipple Nursers you must make sure the inner bottom part of the nipple and the clear adapter are completely dry before reassembling. The inner part of the nipple must lock down over the bottom of the adapter or the nipple will pop off of the syringe.
**We do not recommend using extremely hot water as they may stretch, crack and become loose or brittle. We recommend sterilising with a product such as Milton.