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The Miracle Nipple Collection - Mini, Original, Small Puppy & Large. Additional O Ring or Standard Luer Lock Syringes From

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The Miracle Nipple Collection

Miracle Nipple U.S. Patent No. 9,510,562.  Proudly Made in the USA

***All Miracle Nipples come with a pre-made hole you do not have to make any holes in these nipples*** Please see below for sizing recommendations. Also available on our web site - Canine Breast Pump Syringe.

Miracle Nipples Available in 

Sample Pack - 1 mini & 1 Original Nipple & 2 Syringes (1ml & 3ml)

Mini Pack 2 - 2 Mini Nipples & 1 Syringe 3ml

Original Pack 2 - 2 Original Nipples & 1 Syringe 3ml

Small Puppy Pack 2 - 2 Small Puppy Nipples and 2 x 10ml Syringes

Large Pack 2 - 2 Large Nipples & 2 Syringes 10ml & 20ml

Mini Pack 10 - 10 Mini Nipples & 1 Syringe 3ml

Original Pack 10 - 10 Original Nipples & 1 Syringe 3ml

  • All Miracle Nipples come with 1 O-ring Syringe
  • The Large puppy pkg/2 will come with 2 syringes as the photo shows.
  • When purchasing additional syringes for the Miracle Nipple Mini & Original please be sure to order the Luer Lock style tip syringe for syringes larger than 3 ml
  • When using a 3 ml or smaller than you can use either the slip tip or the luer lock tip.
  • These nipples will also fit a small pet nurser bottle.
  • When purchasing the Large Miracle Nipples than you must use a luer lock tip syringe, these nipples will also fit any standard baby bottle cap for use with a bottle.
  • Please sterilise in a cold sterilizer such as Milton. We do not recommend boiling water as it can stretch the nipple.

The "Original Miracle Nipple" is designed for most small mammals to include kittens, toy breed puppies, squirrels, bunnies, neonate (newborn) raccoons and animals of such sizes.

The "Miracle Nipple Mini" is designed for Neonate (meaning newborn) squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks, mice, Persian type kittens, toy puppies with shorter faces and other small mammals

The "Small Puppy Miracle Nipple" is best suited for mammals such as medium breed puppies, foxes, raccoons, big cat cubs (lions, tigers, bob cats), beavers, woodchucks and the like.

The "Large Miracle Nipple" is designed for medium to large breed puppies, raccoons, large cat breeds (such as cougars) and animals of larger sizes.

PLEASE NOTE: The graduations (numbers) on the syringes wear off easily due to the ink the manufacturers are required to use. We recommend using a piece of clear tape over the numbers to prevent this. We can not replace syringes for this issue.  Thanks for your understanding.