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Balanced Cal Tablets 100's

Balanced Cal Tablets 100's

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Balanced Cal Tablets - A great calcium and vitamin D3 supplement. 

Each tablet contains 300mg calcium, 11mg phosphorus and 1.6mg cholecalciferol (Vit D)

Actions Calcium makes up about 2% of bodyweight. It is a mineral element required in macro quantities for normal bone and tooth development, regulation of membrane permeability and the normal functioning of all cells, neuromuscular excitability, blood clotting and milk coagulation and other functions such as maintenance of the acid-base equilibrium. There is a very large store of calcium (99% of body calcium) and phosphorus (80% of body phosphorus) in the bones which fluctuates under the influence of a regulatory mechanism dependent on calcium ingested, calcium excreted, the parathyroid hormone and the presence of vitamin D3.
 Indications Calcium and vitamin D3 supplement for dogs, cats and horses; aid in correcting the calcium to phosphorus ratio in meat and grain diets.
 Withholding Periods Racing. Do not use in greyhounds within 72 hours of racing.